Listen Up

An Embodied Music Experience

Listen Up is our signature music experience; a unique monthly event that has developed a reputation as “the best sober trip money can buy”.

In an age of infinite streams, music feels too disposable. Listen Up was created as a means of getting back to respecting music as an art form. Offline, lights off, phones away... Let's treat songs the way we treat films. 

The result? A colourful journey into the mind.

Listen Up has become a cathartic process for many, with its devout community of followers describing it as a soundtracked therapy session or “modern day church”. Left to your own devices, you are granted the space to explore thoughts and emotions - untethered from the world. We are seldom given the opportunity to feel the full spectrum of emotions, the good and the bad, and to be held through that experience.

Live guidance anchors participants to the moment through subtle modern psychology and mindfulness techniques, while soundtracks are custom-created to mimic the journey through therapy; the highs, the lows, the shadows and the breakthroughs.

Expect to enhance the way you listen to music, while heightening your awareness of the inner workings of your mind.

Listen Up has been covered extensively by The Sydney Morning Herald, Red Bull Music Academy and Concrete Playground. The experience is currently the subject of a groundbreaking research study by the University of Melbourne, looking at the effects of this particular form of music consumption on wellbeing and the mind.

“Designed to suit anyone from the most seasoned meditator to absolute beginners… (Listen Up) takes people by surprise with its emotional effects” 
The Sydney Morning Herald

“A nifty way to help you tune back into that big, beautiful world of sound”.
Concrete Playground