The Death Meditation

We’re All Going To Die Festival (2017)

What would happen if you died today? 

Premiering at We’re All Going To Die Festival in late 2017, the Death Experience is a gripping, soundtracked journey through death that explores the fragility of life and impermanence. You’ll never look at life the same way again. 

Participants are guided into a large space where they are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and asked to lay down. Immersed in guidance by Mary Hoang and music by Rich Lucano, they are taken through an embodied experience of their own death.

Challenging, sincere, moving, and unique - the Death Experience leaves participants with a greater appreciation of life by holding them through the darkness.

"Our fear and denial of death is something that holds us back. Death and suffering is one of our greatest teachers… but our society really just avoids talking about it. It's considered morbid."

Mary Hoang
Founder, The Indigo Project + Indigo X

“The response has been overwhelming. We’re getting emails from people saying it’s so refreshing to see young people talk about fear but in a relatable way. The more people I speak to, everyone says ‘I thought I was the only one who didn’t know my purpose, and didn’t have their sh*t figured out’. But everyone says ‘I felt that too, it’s not just me’.

Stefan Hunt
Founder, We’re All Going To Die

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