A Ceremony for Past Relationships @ Art Gallery of NSW (Vivid 2018)

"TRANSIENCE: A Ceremony For Past Relationships" is a powerful 20 minute experience that debuted at The Art Gallery of NSW for Vivid Sydney 2018. Brought to life through music, guidance, visualisation and performance, participants have the opportunity to symbolically release a person or situation that no longer serves them. Whether it be an ex-partner, an old friendship, or an incident that has caused pain, this profound modern day ritual encourages audiences to process their past as a means of shaping their future.

“Grief encompasses so much more than the loss of life. We are all experiencing the cycles of life and death across many aspects of our lives; the evolution of our attitudes, emotions, friendships and relationships. Letting go is important - but it's hard. How do we deal with the baggage that we carry around every day, without knowledge of the rituals and tools to support change in our lives? Transience explores this process of letting go”.

Mary Hoang
(Founder & Head Psychologist - The Indigo Project)

“Vivid Ideas is thrilled to be working with the Indigo Project on a series of events that tackle the big topics in life – death, sex and politics.  These are the topics that we are told it is impolite to broach however these are the conversations that lead to be a better informed and compassionate society”.

Tory Loudon 
(Curator, Ideas - Vivid Sydney)